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V. N. Gaia - Portugal

V. N. Gaia - Portugal

Coleção PORTO - Moedas Romanas em Prata

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Roman Imperial

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Roman Imperial

Gallienus, 253-268. Antoninianus Silvered bronze, Siscia, 264-265. GALLIENVS AVG Radiate head of Gallienus to right. / SISCIA AVG Siscia seated left, holding fold of drapery with her right hand and raising her left; below, river god Savus swimming left, holding urn, from which water flows. Cohen 977. MIR 1416i (2 specimen).
3,00g Extremely rare variety of a very rare type. Good very fine.

The city of Siscia was situated on the confluence of the Savus (Sava) and the Colapis (Kupa) in modern-day Croatia, a strategically important location, as it was here that the Sava became navigable and thus served as a quick and reliable transport route between the important military infrastructure of Northern Italy and the Danube frontier. The appearance of a river god on this very rare issue of Gallienus can thus be easily explained, but it is still exceptional, as such local motives are only very rarely encountered on Roman imperial coins. More than a decade later, under Probus, Siscia would even appear with two river gods on the reverse, symbolizing both the Savus and the Colapis rivers.
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